Yep, that’s right.  That’s Jax’s nickname in this house.  When we first picked him up at BARCS and thought about what to change his name to, we thought of names related to cows.  Cole thought of Ferdinand the Bull.  Jax’s personality is very similar to Ferdinand the Bull and Jax LOVES to eat flowers (
Can’t you see the resemblance between this:

So darn cute

And this:

They even have the same pink marks in the nose!

The spots on his back only add to his resemblance of a cow:

Everyone loves my spots

We are sure going to miss this adorable Cow Dog when he goes to his furever home!


On Friday we took Jax to The Gathering (a food truck for charity event) here in Hampden.  We figured it would be good for his socialization to be in a large group (and meet potential adopters as well).  He is so darn cute that we had a hard time getting any food because everyone wanted to meet him!

At first he was very hesitant and scared because it was loud and there were so many people.  Cole even had to carry him into the space where the food trucks were because he was so scared at first.

Jax got to meet and play with lots of dogs
Including this ridiculously cute pittie puppy

Jax also met a whole lot of people and let lots of people pet him.

Everyone loved Jax and wanted to meet him
Could one of these people end up being his adopter?!

We handed out every single MABB business card that we have!  We hope lots of people went onto the site to check out his adorable pictures.

At the end of the night Jax found the only “grass” he could to lie down in.

Grass is my favorite thing ever! (Even if I might be allergic to it)
That was tiring meeting all of those people! I was so brave though!

**Special thanks to the groomer at the Dogma in McHenry Row for giving us this super cute bandana when I said it was for my foster dog**

If you are interested in adopting Jax, please go to

Last week we went on our first family vacation together to the Outer Banks.  We’ve never been to the Outer Banks but wanted to go there once we learned that dogs can go on the beach during the day! (Well, at some of the beaches anyway).

Are we there yet?!

We chose Corolla beach and had a great time.  It was nice to be able to spend time with just Coco.  Jax stayed at my Mom and sister’s house (thanks guys!) and had a lot of fun cuddling and getting spoiled by them.  Coco enjoyed getting all of the attention from everyone at the beach house

I’m a big baby, can’t you tell?!

We thought Coco would love the beach a lot.  But she was a bit apprehensive about it.

The waves are scary you guys!

The sand is much more fun though

Eating a bone on the beach is the best

While at the beach, we realized that Coco is a really good dog.  I think that having Jax has made us realize how well behaved Coco has gotten (not that Jax is bad at all-he’s just a puppy learning everything).  We worried that Coco was just more relaxed because of having been sick (I had her blood work checked before we left for vacation just to make sure everything was still on the right track.  And it is!)  We never had to worry about leaving Coco in the house if we left for a while.  And she behaved herself and cuddled with everyone most of the time.

I like lying on my Dad

Mom loves her bean

And of course Coco was still good at begging, even if she was at the beach

I’m sure you want to share with me, Dad!

We had a lot of fun relaxing all week.  And it was so nice to be able to have Coco with us.  It definitely made the vacation more enjoyable for all of us! 🙂

Maybe I will turn into a beach bum after all!




I wanted to write a post today about puppies and how sweet and cuddly and adorable they are.  And how much everyone loves Jax (but still gives Coco some lovin’ too).  But I am so heartbroken by what has happened to Lennox and his family (you can read about it here:  It feels like all I can think about today.  Every time I look at Coco or Jax I feel a pang of sadness.  When Coco was very sick, we thought about losing her and how much our lives would change.  We thought about the sadness we would feel and how we would handle it.  Coco is so much of our time now and so much of what we do revolves around spending time with her.  She has connected us with so many people and made us meet neighbors we would have never met without her. I can only imagine how heartbroken Lennox’s family must feel today.

We have had many encounters with people because of Coco (and now Jax).  When we first got Coco I was shocked by how people reacted to her, despite her sweet face and almost constant happy tail.  People would cross the street when they saw us walking with her and many people even said downright rude or nasty comments that were unprovoked.  They saw her muscular body and her clipped ears and presumed that she must be vicious and “inherently dangerous” because of her breed.  At first this would make me very upset and want to say nasty things back to the other people (I did not because a few wise souls reminded me that I can’t change minds by being angry).  I felt like I needed to protect her and defend her (and ourselves).  She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and has done nothing to be labeled inherently dangerous.

A few months ago, the Maryland court case Tracey v Solesky deemed any pit bull-type dog inherently dangerous by virtue that it has any “pit bull” in it.  Before, in order for the owner to be guilty, there had to be proof that the owner knew the dog was dangerous or that it had potential to do harm to others.  Now, the dog is automatically guilty because it’s a pit bull.  More detrimental in the court’s ruling is that it also holds landlords responsible for the tenant’s dog living in the house.  This has already caused many landlords to evict residents (although this is illegal) or force them to give up their precious family pets.

Breed specific legislation doesn’t work.  It doesn’t make cities or neighborhoods safer.  It doesn’t keep “bad” people from owning dogs or doing terrible things with them.  But it does cause responsible, loving pet owners from keeping their pets.  Or being forced to choose between keeping their pet or moving to a place that doesn’t have BSL.  Many people are not privileged enough to have the option to move elsewhere in order to keep their dog.  Maryland shelters have already been overwhelmed by the influx of pit bulls as a result of this court case.  I cannot fathom how many thousands of dogs have lost their lives because of this court ruling (among the thousands of other dogs in different states and countries).

On a happier note, this statement was released today by the Humane Society: 

This is a step in the right direction.  Please don’t discriminate and contact your local representatives if this is something you also feel strongly about so that more Lennox’s don’t lose their lives.

How is anything in this sweet face considered inherently dangerous?!

Jax has many favorite things to do.  He really loves playing with his foster sister (or any dog for that matter).

Jax and Coco having some backyard fun

He LOVES rolling around in the grass.  He does it every single walk we go on.

Aren’t I the cutest?!

This way, I get good belly rubs too

But Jax’s absolute favorite thing to do is cuddle and be as close to you as he possibly can be! It doesn’t matter if you’re a human who will pet him, a kid who will hug him, a dog who will lick him, or a cat that wants nothing to do with him.  He wants to cuddle everyone!!!

Oh you’re trying to do something on the computer? I didn’t notice

I must be as close to you as possible. Even if this means sitting on you

One of Jax’s least favorite things to do is go to the SPCA to get neutered.  I dropped him off this morning and he started shaking the minute I brought him into the building.  I think it reminded him of his previous shelter life because we haven’t seen this behavior in him since the day we picked him up at the shelter.  I know that this sweet boy needs a forever home so he never has to see another shelter again.  Preferably a home with other animals and/or kids so he gets lots of loving and can give lots of kisses and snuggles.

If you are interested in adopting Jax, please go to for more information on the adoption process and to see awesome photos of Jax taken by Jess at Pittieful Love (






We decided to start fostering through Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies.  We picked him up from BARCS and quickly decided that David was way too serious of a name for something so cute.  We agreed on Jax and that is what he now responds to.

Had to carry him across the parking lot because he wanted to keep playing with some other dogs

Next, we took him to get a bath.  Like most dogs, he was not a fan and tried to climb out the entire time.

Somebody save me from the bath!


We got concerned because he didn’t seem interested in treats at all.  All he cared about is human affection.

I will snuggle you always if you give me a forever home!

While that is super adorable, we wondered how we were going to train a dog who doesn’t care about treats.  Because this is so different from Coco, we thought we were going to have to come up with completely new training methods.  Luckily, he came around and loves treats now.

Jax got to go to two pet stores the first day we had him.  He even likes snuggling in the car a lot and insists on being on your lap.

I don’t care if you’re driving foster Dad! I want to be on your lap!

All of that meeting new people and waggling made him tired!

Sleepy pup

The initial meeting with Coco went well.  I had Jax across the street and Cole went inside to get Coco.  We had them see each other from across the street and walk on different sides of the street until they seemed to care about each other less.  Then, we let them meet.  Luckily, they liked each other!

Hey new foster sibling!

Jax is great about being in his crate.  He doesn’t love going in it so much but he rarely cries once he is in it.  He even sleeps through the night!  He has slept through the night every night we’ve had him.  I was not expecting this from a 3-4 month old puppy.

yoga pose kong eating

Some of the best things about Jax are:

  • He is doing great with getting housebroken.  He rarely has accidents now and picked up on going outside to the bathroom really fast.
  • His adorable underbite!

How can you resist that amount of cute?!

  • His love for snuggling and ALWAYS needing to be super close to you

I’m a big lovebug!

  • He is great with kids.  I took these adorable photos with some kids down the street when they first met Jax

group hug!

Jax is silly and likes to flop over…so the kids joined him


Jax is a super sweet lovebug and really wants his forever home.  Can you adopt him?

Are you my forever home?!

Please visit for more information on adopting Jax!


Coco has been doing a lot over the last month.  She spent a fair amount of time resting up when she first got home.

That’s some good sleeping right there

Now that she seems pretty much “back to normal” we have been taking her out a lot with us.  We think it’s good for her socialization and it’s definitely good for other people to see her as a sweet, loving pet who is well-trained.  Because Coco is now on prednisone for her IMHA she is super thirsty and hungry.  She drinks so much water it’s insane.  We can barely keep large bowls full and she is always wanting more food.  Because of this, she does a lot of sitting pretty and begging for food.

Coco hoping some crumbs fall her way under the picnic table at a park

Coco had a lot of fun begging at the Pride parade. She was a big hit due to her ribbons. She also ate a lot of candy off of the ground 🙂

Coco went to a Baltimore vs DC food truck event to benefit BARCS and had a lot of fun meeting new friends and even a few dogs.

She really enjoyed the pool filled with ice water

She also had fun sharing the pool with a very sweet BARCS dog up for adoption

Her favorite place to take a walk to is the firehouse a few blocks down the street from our house.  She knows that she can always get a treat if someone is there.

Hey guys! Anyone home?

Look how nicely I sit. I’m sure this deserves a treat 🙂